Everything You Need To Know About Nantucket Bike Trails

When you visit Nantucket, you’ll be surrounded by long white beaches, untouched nature, historic lighthouses, and charming architecture. The best way to view all of this is to become a part of the island’s leisurely lifestyle and travel via bicycle. Not only is this a fun-filled and cost-efficient way to get around, but it’s also eco-friendly. Keep reading, and we’ll let you in on all the secrets about the best Nantucket bike trails.

Here Is Your Guide To The Nantucket Old Mill

Did you know that the oldest functioning mill in the United States is located here on Nantucket? The next time you stay with us at Periwinkle Inn, a visit to the Nantucket Old Mill must be on your to-do list! It serves as a working mill, in addition to a museum that guests can visit seasonally and dive into the history of this fascinating structure. 

The Best Day Trip Is Nantucket To Martha’s Vineyard

Nantucket has everything you need for the ultimate relaxing, coastal getaway. From exploring lighthouses to having a lager at the local brewery, there’s always something fun to do! Another popular activity is taking a day trip to the nearby island of Martha’s Vineyard. It’s just a quick ferry ride away! Keep reading to learn how you can have the best day trip from Nantucket to Martha’s Vineyard