The Nantucket Weekender: What to Pack and Why

You’ve got the ferry schedule shuffled in your weekend bag, 7:30 reservations at the hottest restaurant on the island, and you’re ready to embark on a New England island adventure. But first—the bag. It’s time to think about the ultimate Nantucket packing list. There’s so much to consider when packing for your trip. We’ve created a quick list of all the things you’ll want to remember. 

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The Ultimate Nantucket Packing List

Planning the perfect trip to Nantucket means organizing the perfect Nantucket packing list. You don’t want to ditch the mainland only to realize you left your favorite cardigan or wide-brimmed hat at home. Pin it to the corkboard, attach it to the fridge, or go ahead and just put it in your suitcase—this is one packing list you don’t want to lose.

  • Long, Flowing Dresses

Whether you’re headed for a summertime retreat or watching the leaves change in the fall, you’ll want to bring an array of comfortable dress options. And while Nantucket is home of the rich and famous, try not to overthink it too much. Imagine cobblestone nights, relaxing by a fire pit while listening to the waves crashing. Nantucket’s charm is its simplicity. Get comfortable and enjoy the island views. 

  • Comfortable Shoes

If there is one sure thing, it’s that you’ll be doing a lot of walking (or biking) during your visit. Treat your tootsies along the way. Nothing ruins a beachside adventure, quite like sore feet. You’ll want to bring along your most comfortable loafers in the fall and pull out those old Birkenstocks for the summer months.

  • Your Favorite Market Tote

You never know what Nantucket may bring, so you’ll want to bring along a bag that can hold it all. Leave the clunky leather purse or the tiny cute crossover in the room (you can bust that during dinner), bring your favorite canvas tote along for daytime adventures. Stop by Bartlett’s Farm to fill it with fresh-picked tomatoes or a delicate mohair throw from Nantucket Looms.   

  • Layering Sweaters

Warm summer days on the coast are sure to bring crisp nights. Don’t miss the ocean-side outdoor seating because you left your favorite sweater at home. Think layers. You’ll want to include everything from tank tops to chunky sweaters. 

  • Sunglasses and Hats

Avoid Jeep hair with your favorite ball cap on the beach or bring along your biggest brimmed hats and walk downtown in style. (and shade) The sun shines a little brighter on our tiny Atlantic island, so bring several sunglass options. It may be the most obvious item to toss in your bag, but it’s the easiest to forget. Don’t get caught squinting during your next visit. 

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