5 Nantucket Hiking Trails That’ll Make You Want to Lace Up

Blaze a new path with a few of our favorite Nantucket hiking trails during your next visit. Whether you’re looking for a beachside stroll or a wooded trail-blazing path, our island is sure to satisfy even the most avid hikers. Slow down and explore Nantucket’s stunning sights on two feet during your next trip. We have everything you need to know about Nantucket hiking trails!

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Everything You Need to Know About Nantucket Hiking Trails

Set your sights on some of the most beautiful Nantucket hiking trails this season. Watch the hydrangea bloom, the sun peek behind the clouds or the waves crash on the shore. Get ready for an adventure—Nantucket style. 

  • Sconset Bluff Walk

Sconset Bluff Walk is one of the most stunning scenes you’ll see anywhere in the woods. The trail follows the towering cliffside with the oceans crashing below and a white picket fence lined overflowing flower boxes. Siasconset is one of the favorites on the local’s list because of its quiet and peaceful surroundings.

  • Tupancy Links

Tupancy Links encompasses 73 acres between Nantucket Harbor and Cliff Road. The area was initially established as a part of the Nantucket Golf Course in 1921 and was later gifted to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation to preserve its beauty. The path boasts beautiful bearberry shrubs, pasture rose, huckleberry, and beach plum. It ends with a dramatic view overlooking the North Shore of Nantucket.

  • Masquetuck Reservation

Masquetuck Reservation is a dreamy walk through some of Nantucket’s natural resources. The trail only spreads 13 acres wide, but as you stroll through, you’ll enjoy views of the cranberry bogs, hardwood forests, and salt marshes. Masquetuck Reservation allows visitors to have a unique look at the island’s exclusive features. 

  • Miacomet Pond

Miacomet Pond, a section of Miacomet Preserve, is a whimsical area filled with seagulls soaring above, fragrant flowers below, and the beauty of both the still pond and the peaceful ocean nearby. Park at Miacomet Road and walk down to the sea for an easy 3.1-mile trek.

  • New Polpis Water Tower Loop

New Polpis Water Tower Loop is situated in between the popular Polpis Bike Path. It offers a clear pathway and a wide-open view of the Nantucket’s plains. It’s the perfect spot for birding and spotting the island’s gentle wildlife like New England Cottontail and songbirds.  

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Would you rather trade your hiking boots for two wheels? Explore some of the best bike tours on the island. From Downtown to Sconset, most bike trails are equally as walkable. Pick your favorite and start exploring today! We can’t wait to show you around Nantucket!