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Nantucket Ferries

Nantucket Island is located 23.75 nautical miles off Hyannis, MA or just under 28 statute miles. There are two major ferry services, The Steamship Authority and Hy-Line Cruises, both with regular schedules between Hyannis, Cape Cod and Nantucket.

The Steamship Authority

nantucket ferry

The Steamship Ferry operates a ferry system for both passengers and vehicles.

Passenger reservations are not needed on the traditional ferries and passengers traveling without a vehicle may purchase their tickets at the ferry terminals on the day of sailing. Pets and baggage can travel with passengers at no additional charge. However, bicycles, surfboards (including wind surfboards) and other large objects require an additional charge.

If you are planning to take your vehicle, you are required to make an advance vehicle reservation. It is recommended that in peak season, you do this well-in-advance of your trip.

The ferry has spacious seating, free Wi-Fi and TV and snack bars with beverages including beer, wine and mixed drinks for those over 21 years of age.

Additional information is available at The Steamship Authority.

Hy-Line Ferry

nantucket ferry

The Hy-Line operates a passenger-only ferry service between Hyannis, Cape Cod and Nantucket. The options for travel include a high-speed ferry that takes 1 hour while the traditional ferry takes approximately 1 hour 50 minutes.

Pets can travel on the ferry with you and you may also bring a bicycle for an additional charge. All ferries have a full snack bar and alcohol is available to passengers 21 years and older.

Additional information is available at Hy-Line Cruises.