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Nantucket Life

A Tisket, a Tasket, a Nantucket Basket

post feature image When did Nantucket’s rich history of basket-making begin? Some attribute it to the original inhabitants of the island, the Wampanoag people. The simple beauty and utilitarian nature of baskets appealed to the ethos of Quakers who began settling on the island in the 1700’s and they influenced the ... Read More »

Meet the Scrimchantress

post feature image Lee Papale is a Nantucket native, artist and a member of a family of well-known island artisans descended from early whalers and admired for their lightship baskets and scrimshaw.At an early age, Lee worked for her Aunt, the scrimshaw artist Nancy Chase, helping to polish ivory for her well-know ... Read More »

But Once You Have Slept on the Faraway Island

post feature image Did you know the name Nantucket, which means “Faraway Island,” originated with the native Wampanoag tribe? They flourished on the island before the first Englishman arrived, growing essential foods such as corn, beans and squash, fishing and hunting game. Many attribute the art of basket making ... Read More »

My Love of Nantucket

post feature image My love of Nantucket led me to purchase a Greek Revival style inn on North Water Street over 40 years ago. Historically known as “Guest House Row,” North Water Street had historic guest houses, lovely gardens and a cobblestone street. I began my journey with this inn and a tattered old station w ... Read More »